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Moon Harbor

Moon Harbor

  • Uploaded by Vril1 on Nov 10, 2008
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Part of AS15M0754 magnified, showing the Eastern part of Tsiolkovsky inside the outer rim to the EastSouthEast.
Many structures indicating a form of present or past life! Evidence that is hard to conceale! And deny!
Hopefully will we in a not far distance of time be told the truth from our leaders!
I know this is a dream, and even the new Japanese Kaguya moon program are hiding the evidences! So maby we must look ahead and turn our trust to the Indian and Russian moon program and see what they will reveal!
The new official NASA /JPL website: Apollo image archive. And not the old: Apollo Image Atlas
Have for some time now released new digital pictures with better quality but its not correct! They have renewed the pictures! But the quality is only better when it comes to modern up-to-date digital Retouch, digital blurring, digital color changing, etc. and all kind of masking evidences! Even when it comes to download from the site, the compressions and file formats have been made more difficult for users!
And the most sadly experience is that when they have been modifying a file, they have also transferred it to the old website in some cases!
They are still in progress of renewing the digital pictures from the old to the new web-site. I think they for now have been renewed the AS15Metric pictures and AS16M. But still have to renew AS17M And all the panoramic pictures, so hopefully for some time yet we will be able to download some digital pics. With a possibility of finding some evidence. But time is short friends! Horizontal distance in bottom of picture: About 2 km.

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