Strange, the disappearance of former TEAMSTERS boss Jimmy Hoffa on July 30, 1975.

Witnesses say that he was having dinner with a PAL at a restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Detroit, the day he went missing...

Rumours of possible burial sites have turned up FIVE BODIES, none of them HOFFA.

But, the results of recent DNA testing conducted by the F.B.I. indicate that Jimmy Hoffa was without a doubt in a car borrowed by a longtime friend that fateful day.

Bad Luck for Hoffa.

Classic Mafia KILL.

They get your BEST FRIEND to do the DIRTY deed.

And it's done DIRT CHEAP.

Hoffa should have been locked up in PRISON on that day, not riding around with an EVIL friend.

His 11 year prison sentence for attempted BRIBERY and JURY TAMPERING was commuted to just FOUR years by our PRESIDENT NIXON....

He should not have gotten out of the slammer until late 1978.

He was released into the arms of a KILLER.....

His dreams of regaining CONTROL of the INTERNATIONAL TEAMSTERS UNION pushed down into the DIRT along with his body...

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