DARPA. Better pay attention to THIS Government Agency.

D.A.R.P.A. stands for DEFENSE

They are fully funded by YOUR money.
And they have just spent $41,000,000 of it to duplicate the processing BEHAVIOR of the Human Brain in a microchip.


They didn't do it alone, of course. That is just NOT how the government works. N.A.S.A. has never so much as invented a pencil for their/OUR Space program....

And neither do the Military Agencies develop their own WEAPONS...

They turn the task over to the PRIVATE SECTOR, where the competition is FIERCE.

In this instance,the geniuses at the I.B.M. Corporation in San Francisco were responsible for this world-altering breakthrough...

The two chips that they have designed accurately mimic the functioning CAPACITY of the human brain, and the ways it responds to outside stimulus, as well.

It spells the END of the Jet Fighter Pilot.

Also most of the Technical Personnel aboard Ships, Submarines, on the Battlefield....

This new breakthrough, like ALL revolutionary technology, will first be put to use by the MILITARY.

You see, on Aug. 11 of this year, DARPA lost track of their ultra-secret Falcon Hypersonic Test Vehicle on it's second voyage.

It's initial testing ended in disaster, as well.

DARPA will not release the figure on how much this second FAILURE has cost, but the loss has to be substantial.

The FALCON/HTV-2 is designed to reach Orbital Space via rocket, POP FREE, then cruise at MACH 20, or 13,000 miles per hour.

It is designed to be able to reach ANYWHERE in the world within ONE HOUR.

But they lost all contact with the craft 36 minutes into the flight. It just DISAPPEARED, right in front of the watchful eyes of several tracking stations....

It can travel at speeds that would be IMPOSSIBLE for the human body to withstand. It's FLAW is that it cannot react quickly enough to sudden changes...

It has been funded as part of our Government's First Strike Capability Program called PROMPT GLOBAL STRIKE.

The SAME program that the I.B.M. Brain Chips were developed for.

Ever see that Jamie Foxx/Jessica Biel movie called STEALTH?


It will likely arrive with the launch of Falcon HTV-THREE....

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