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ROSKOSMOS, the Russian Space Agency, has just announced the cancellation of ALL future launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The recent loss of the Progress M-12-M Space Freighter is a BIG reason, but, sadly, not the ONLY reason.

There have been at least FOUR other major mishaps that have not made it into the World News, including the December 2010 spy satellite launch that EXPLODED over the seas of Hawaii.

What is specially troubling, what has caused a major loss of NASA confidence, is the fact that the problem lies within the THIRD STAGE of their recent vehicle launches, the part that carries PASSENGERS and SUPPLIES, not the Booster Stages.

Destruction is AUTOMATIC. Which means that LIVES would have been lost had PROGRESS been carrying Astronauts, as it very well could have been.

There has been an upheaval recently at ROSKOSMOS, a battle for POWER and CONTROL of the beleaguered Baikonur Cosmodrome in Siberia. Vladimir Popovkin, 54, from Tajikistan, has emerged the winner and now heads the agency.

There is currently a MAD search for the debris from the Progress disaster.

Several helicopters and hundreds of military personnel are combing Siberia's Altai Republic in an attempt to recover SECRET TECHNOLOGY that the Government of Russia wants to keep out of foreign hands....

This was the first failure of a Progress class vehicle, but there was ANOTHER failed launch this month as well of a different type of freighter, one that was supposed to ferry 2.2 tons of food and supplies but ALSO to lift the International Space Station TWO MILES higher and correct it's orbit against the PULL of Earth's GRAVITY.

That launch also FAILED...

It is WELL that a similar re-supply and correction vehicle was successful 30 days earlier...

PROGRESS vehicles are also the ONLY MEANS OF ESCAPE should the Space Station need immediate evacuation.

That means, right now, at this moment, the astronauts aboard the ISS have NO WAY to return home, nor get off the station should an EVENT occur...

JAPAN, Russia and America currently have astronauts aboard the station, so should the WORST occur, ROSKOSMOS would be facing an international INCIDENT...

NASA is SERIOUSLY disturbed over the recent string of FAILURES and is pressing American and Japanese private industry to step up their games and step into the breach caused by NASA's recent cancellation of the Space Shuttle.

Reliable Space vehicles are DESPERATELY needed if we are to continue our planned usage of the International Space Station past the year 2020...

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