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The SENSATION of the 30's.

Mary Astor, later to star in "THE MALTESE FALCON" lived a strange, INSATIABLE Hollywood lifestyle...

The FIRING of a thieving MAID brought everything once hidden, every lurid detail, into the full light of day.

You see, Mary Astor kept a DIARY....

And the fired maid took it along with her when she departed the premises.

Mary Astor was pushed into acting by her lecherous father and lazy mother who both in fact SUED her for financial support, as well as kept her PRISONER in her own MANSION, "Moorcrest".

The father, OTTO LANGHANKE, drove her to and from the studio each day in an effort to circumvent romantic liaisons which may have meant the loss of his meal ticket.....

Then she met JOHN BARRYMORE, who desperately tried to wrest her away from her FATHER. He FAILED....

Then Kenneth HAWKS, brother of director HOWARD HAWKS, but he failed to show any ROMANTIC interest in her. Sadly, he was killed in a mishap on a movie set...

She then married her DOCTOR, Franklyn Thorpe, but......

He wasn't MAN enough for her, so the secret AFFAIRS began...

HUNDREDS, if you believe the rumours.

She was especially taken with GEORGE S. KAUFMAN.

Astor's maid FAKED several of the pages of the diary, which was SOLD to the Los Angeles Times and published daily, page by page, causing a world wide SENSATION.

George S. Kaufman was depicted as lover of ENORMOUS size and legendary recuperative abilities, which stood him WELL about the insatiable town of Hollywood, as well as on BROADWAY.

In fact, for the rest of his life, whenever Kaufman was approached by a woman, he would ALWAYS ask:


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