Remember, as you read this, keep REPEATING to yourselves:

"These are the people that brought us FUKUSHIMA...."

General Electric has just made one of the greatest breakthroughs of the NEW century. They have fulfilled a PROMISE made 50 years ago. But, in all that time, they have never really stopped to wonder if what they have done is ETHICAL.


They have never stopped to question whether or not it should be done.

Remember, just like FUKUSHIMA, CHERNOBLE and EVERY Nuclear Power plant in the world, this is all done to simply HEAT WATER.

The project has been stamped with the seal of "National Security", so I better get to you what I know A.S.A.P. before the government clamps down on this completely.

G.E. has found a way to ENRICH URANIUM cheaply, and at facilities FAR smaller than what we currently have. They have perfected a process that allows the enrichment of uranium through simple LASER EXCITEMENT...

It can be done in a CAVE.

Or a large KITCHEN.

And they are requesting 2 BILLION dollars of OUR money to complete a project that can only, in reality, either ENSLAVE or DESTROY the world.

General Electric plans to use the Australian laser enrichment technology known as Separation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation, to quote G.E. HITACHI themselves...

The SAME folks that rushed those FAULTY reactors into use at FUKUSHIMA. The SAME folks that petitioned for the government of Japan to allow for the storage of more spent fuel rods at Fukushima than was wise, as that TSUNAMI and Earthquake have proven.

The engineers that designed the Fukushima reactors QUIT when G.E. rushed into production reactors with obvious flaws that had yet to be compensated for....

And those very reactors FELL APART, just as the engineers predicted.

NOW G.E. wants to make it EASY for any fundamentalist terrorist to make a Nuclear Bomb at HOME...

They say it is unrealistic to expect such a thing to happen. Same thing they said about a mere TSUNAMI or Earthquake cracking open their reactors...

And they are able to pull this off with a LOAN from the Department of Defense under the 1990 Solar Wind, Waste, and Geothermal Power Incentives Act. The United States Government has made it EASY for every CRACK-POT and ODD-BALL theory for the CHEAP generation of POWER to qualify for LOANS of YOUR money.

G.E. states that they are able to enrich natural UF6 gas in the Uranium 235 isotope.

What you see before you in the photos is their USEC plant in Wilmington, North Carolina.

They promise to create 8,000 jobs in the area, so, of course, no matter WHAT, the people of Wilmington are all for it. All G.E. need do is pass a few Environmental Impact reviews...

PHYSICISTS from around the world are up in arms, including Dr. Francis Slakey of Georgetown University. He is correct in asserting that this issue is just TOO BIG to leave up to ANY Government. If any kind of DISASTER should occur, Governments have proven to, so far, be absolutely unable to handle the resultant FIRESTORM.

Witness Fukushima.

This is General Electric, and we all know that they make SHODDY PRODUCTS.


We will have disasters that kill HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS, MILLIONS.....

It starts NOW.

Meet the NEW BOMB.

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