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Since we can no longer make it, girl
I've found a new place
to live my life
It's really no place at all
just a HOLE in the wall, you see
it's cold and dusty, but I let it be

Living here, without you
On Second Avenue

And since our stars took different paths
I guess I won't be shaving
in your looking glass

I guess my old friendly grin
Must have started to DIM, somehow
And I certainly don't need it now

Living here, without you
On Second Avenue

I can still see you standing
There on the third-floor landing
The day you visited
We hardly said a word

Outside it was raining
You said you couldn't be staying
So you went back
To your flowers
And your birds

Since we can no longer see the LIGHT
The way we did when we kissed that night
Then all the feelings we felt must eventually melt
and fade
Like the frost on my windowpane
Where I wrote "I AM YOU"
On Second Avenue.

Tim Moore.

Photos: Walter Somers.

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