You never know. Could happen.

Could happen to YOU.

Did you ever think, ten years ago, that you would be sitting where you are right now?

Ten years from today, you could be sitting on a balcony in Juno City, in the state of Caledonia, in the country of Ansyrese, on the planet Mars, sipping the finest Spice Wines of Venus, holding hands with a naked stranger.....

One never knows
what the future holds...

Martians may land tomorrow and offer high-paying jobs in a world of wonders...
A place where you never have to WORRY
A place where you never have to STARVE

(There are 6 MILLION people starving at this very second in the HORN of Africa)

A place where you never have to DIE or experience anyone else doing so...


Doesn't have to be MARS.

There are at LEAST 100 highly advanced worlds to choose from, so LARGE, some small, but all buzzing with LIFE....

I'm not fool enough to believe that they have solved EVERY problem life throws at you. Living with others creates problems nearly EVERY day...and advances in science always bring new rules and regulations to follow...

No, I'm not naive enough to think Aliens have solved all of their problems-just OUR problems...

I'm just sayin', they've been around a LONG time, FAR, FAR longer than WE have...

They've already been through all this mess.

Just LOOK closely at the photos I show you: They are THRIVING.

Look in our skies: They are HERE.

Anything can happen.

That is what the world FEARS.

It is why MANKIND is now working so FEVERISHLY toward NOTHING.

We have NO GOALS, just to get back up again for another ass-kicking.....

Think about it.

What the HELL are all of us HUMANS living for?

Is it the good SEX?

Is that all there is?

Grow up.

Move out.

Have good sex.


The End.


I always wanted MORE....

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