Of Course, there are FARMS on MARS....

See, we are the only ones in the ENTIRE Solar System FOOLS enough to believe that there is NO LIFE anywhere else but within our immediate VISION...

How short-sighted and LAZY of us.

We are always the last to know because we have our frickken HEADS in the sand for most of our lives. We don't QUESTION.

All school EVER tried to teach ME, it seems, was how to stand in line patiently. School was all about being quiet in LINE.

So has Adulthood turned out to be....

Get in LINE. Wait YOUR turn. Be Quiet.
Don't push. Don't shove. Don't stand out.

So has Adulthood turned out to be.

And don't assume.

Don't think for yourselves.

Think for yourselves, for once, and find out what is REALLY going on in this Solar System of OURS. There ARE clues, starting with the FAILURE of the Space Program....

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