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OBAMA needs a  WAR

OBAMA needs a WAR

His ratings are DISMAL.

Not doing too well for a LAST HOPE.

Here's a guy with a MESSIAH COMPLEX, so he will need, in his SECOND ACT, a WAR to pull his FAT out of the fire....

And to rally his faithful behind him.

You will see....

Watch out, poor, VIOLENT third-world country, somewhere...

Watch OUT, all you UNEMPLOYED....

OBAMA needs a WAR....

WHO can we MESS UP overnight and occupy for a decade or more?

BUSH got his WAR.

REAGAN got his WAR.

CLINTON ousted a few STRONG MEN, though he never did officially declare WAR. He never INHALED, Nor had SEX with that woman, either...

I guess the events in MOGADISHU were War....

Our Military was keep HOPPING during the Clinton Era.

He DID declare War on GUNS, though.

Gabrielle Giffords ought to congratulate him on that effort.


He will get one.

It is in the works.

It is the ONLY cure for High Unemployment....

He is supposedly pushing through a Bill to extend Jobless Benefits...

A $300 BILLION jobs plan.

Let's see if that helps YOU, any...

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