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One thousand, One hundred years ago, a people that have become known as the CHIMU, settled a mighty empire near the sea.

They called it Chan Chan, and for 600 years it was the undisputed center of life for all things Peruvian.

Chan Chan was a city of wonder, Golden honeycombed buildings and streets inlaid with precious stones, all designed with strange, Amphibious motifs...

They apparently, being so close to the sea, traded with people from around the known world, from Sweden and the Jomsvikings, to the Pharaohs of Egypt.

The Chimu Empire was peopled with brilliant engineers, the very design of the city a testament to mathematical precision. In fact, the designs are so complex that they would be impossible to duplicate today.

They built Chan Chan in a dry desert situated between the sea and the Andes mountains, the Moche Valley, a region that received less than 1/10 of an inch of rainfall a year.

They solved their water needs by diverting the Chicama River to suit their needs. Homes in Chan Chan had running water and efficient sewer systems, Farms had complex irrigation channels.

The engineers of Chan Chan constructed complex PYRAMIDS that are the rival to any pyramids in existence today.

At it's height, Chan Chan boasted a well-fed population of over 60,000 inhabitants that were said to have come from all over the world.

Moroccans. Swedes. Africans. Egyptians. Greeks.....


It was the covetousness of the War-like Inca Kings, particularly Tupac Inca Yumpanqui, that set into motion the pivotal events that led to the Chimu Culture's downfall.

Chan Chan was an incredibly prosperous city, the envy of all who journeyed there, and the Inca were no exception.

Chan Chan was the largest city in the world, at the time, ruled by a single monarch, peopled by a gentle populace.

Every home was a masterpiece.

And the walls were covered with GOLD plating.

TRIBUTE was demanded by the Mighty Inca, lest they invade...

Eager to keep the peace, the Chimu assented to pay the Inca Kings a yearly tribute that would satisfy the lust of ANY greedy ruler:

The equivalent of an Eight foot by Eight foot room filled top to bottom with GOLD.

Soldiers were sent to protect the cargo. Soldiers remained to protect the Inca Advisors and Ambassadors that remained in Chan Chan....

The Inca eventually took over the entirety of Chan Chan and removed all Chimu Royalty to Machu Picchu, for their "protection", and set puppet Chimu Kings upon the throne...

Dispirited, the people of Chan Chan allowed their golden city to slip into disrepair...

Within 50 years came the Conquistadors, led by Francisco Pizarro, who raided Chan Chan brutally and without mercy, executing King and Commoner alike, stripping the city of the last of it's gold, then completely abandoning it....

What remains of Chan Chan today is threatened by Global Warming. The proud, intricate Adobe buildings are melting away, due to increased rainfall, in a region never known for rain....

Once more, a peaceful society completely destroyed by the arrival of a superior culture....

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