Folks: Were you aware of the FACT that NASA readily admits, due to certain ANOMALIES in the atmosphere of Saturn's "Moon" Titan, LIFE of some kind MUST exist on the surface of TITAN?

Not that LIFE might exist, folks...

Life is a CERTAINTY on Titan....

They have discovered CARBON DIOXIDE, the exhalation of LIFE, in the atmosphere of TITAN..

There are people out there who drink METHANE
We have seen them sapping LIGHTNING from our skies
Absorbing Volcanic charges and sucking water from secluded lakes...
Wandering our forests
Flying over our heads on a DAILY basis
Yet, people will tell you that there is NO EVIDENCE
Just look around you
People of all kinds that drink HYDROGEN and OXYGEN, two of the most CORROSIVE substances known to man....
Beings that CONSUME others for sustenance...
People that expel Carbon Dioxide
beings with a will to EXTINCTION
Despite it ALL, we are HERE
and THEY are THERE....

There is LIFE on TITAN.

Massive CITIES.

I will show you....

And the whole "METHANE LAKES of TITAN" thing?

All a LIE.

Those huge splotches are NOT lakes....

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