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There are dark days in this world.

Days of NO WORK.
Nights of NO MONEY.

When all the schemes and plans of businessmen and politician peter out, when the farmer and the shopkeeper become your ENEMY, and all the GOLD is held by a select FEW.....

Such are the times when a BOLD few will elect to take their ultimate destiny in hand, and , whether life be LONG or SHORT, live a lives of great ADVENTURE.

During the Dark Age of Europe, a scant 1000 years ago, when greedy Kings squabbled over LIVESTOCK and LAND, leaving NOTHING for their people to subsist on but what they could catch in the sea; when great estates of prime land were fenced off and the populace left to fend for themselves in a hardscrabble existence, when the CHURCHES held most of the GOLD, and the people prayed to God that things would not get WORSE...

The Jomsvikings THUNDERED to power.

The Jomsvikings were a closed society of Warrior Vikings. No member of this exclusive society of quick-tempered BERSERKERS could be younger than 18, except for a select few who were known to have killed their first man at the age of TWELVE or SIXTEEN, or OVER the age of 50, unless they were such doughty fighters that their very presence upon the battlefield assured VICTORY....

No Women or Children were allowed into their citadel at JOMSBORG, located in the southern reaches of Sweden, on the Baltic Sea. No quarrels were allowed between the men who regarded each as his BROTHER.

All deaths were avenged.

The Vikings ruled the seas between their homeland and Northern through Western Europe for over 200 years, between 800-1000 AD, raiding the coastal settlements at will, raiding deep into the woodlands,plundering Churches and raping and burning all that stood before them.

Their leaders grew wealthy and FAT and declared themselves LORDS and Kings of men and went to sea no more.

They began to squabble amongst themselves and their extensive lands fell into Wars over Women and the Raiding of Cattle...

The Christians, or THE SHAVEN MEN, arrived in the Norse lands and began converting the great Swedish and Danish Kings into CHRISTIANS, which somehow did not extend into CHARITY for their subjects.


The men that TRULY ruled the seas decided to do something about it.

A secret meeting of PIRATES, SHIPBUILDERS and WEAPON MAKERS was convened in an unknown location in Sweden....

SIGVALDE, the wiliest, WISEST, yet, most BERSERK man among Berserkers, was elected JARL, or LEADER.....

He was considered a man of great Weather-Luck, Gold-Luck and Woman-Luck, with a glib tongue and a dangerous cast in his eye...

Men were EAGER to follow such a man, and not another would have such a reputation until the coming of STYRBJORN...

Thus began the day of the JOMSVIKINGS.

A secret brotherhood was formed that is only TODAY coming to light, for their reputation is so MIGHTY that for nearly 1000 years, Jomsvikings were regarded as mere LEGEND...

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