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Santa Maria Crater Life

Santa Maria Crater Life


Did you ever wonder WHY NASA
launches in FLORIDA, yet monitors the progress and LIFE SIGNS of their Astronauts in HOUSTON?


Lyndon B. Johnson and the rest of the politicos of the time CHOPPED UP the Space Program into individual pieces and handed them out to their "FRIENDS" around the country.

Everybody shared the $100 BILLION dollar pie, over the years...

LOCKHEED. Jet Propulsion Laboratory. McDonnell Douglas, etc...

NASA did not want it that way....

Why build the ENGINES and, later, the Space Shuttle, in CALIFORNIA, then, at a cost of multi-millions of dollars, transport them to FLORIDA?

Simple politics.

No Senator would vote for the Space Program unless they could secure PROFIT and INFLUENCE for their individual STATES....

It still goes on to this day....

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