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Hey, I used to be just like the rest of you.

I believed almost EVERYTHING that I was told.

That the GOVERNMENTS of the World always did their BEST for us...

That WAR, sometimes, is NECESSARY...

That there are NO PEOPLE living anywhere in the entire universe, except upon the planet EARTH....

But, DAMN, where do those UFOS come from?

I always had this UNEASY feeling....

I just KNEW something was up, that we were caught in a LOOP, where, if you doubted just a portion of the circle, the entire ring collapsed....

I let go of the BRASS RING, and went looking for answers OUTSIDE of our earthly climes...

LOOK at what I've found.

PEOPLE living on the MOON.

People living on every hunk of ROCK orbiting the SUN...

If they lie to us about THIS, the most IMPORTANT truths of our LIVES, then they are lying about EVERYTHING else.

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