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That looks like a WILD THING version of BETTE DAVIS....

I always thought that, in addition to being the GREATEST female actor, that she was deep of CHEST and quite attractive, the young Bette Davis was....

Did you know that, at the age of 17, she went on a Blind Date with a shy, gawky kid named HENRY, that was so nervous, she had to keep him constantly entertained or she felt that he would just run off into the night?

Years later, on her first trip to Hollywood, imagine her surprise running into that same gawky kid?

Only, NOW he happened to be young HENRY FONDA?

He recognized her with a START, then fell over himself trying to impress her, but she just whispered into his ear "You never asked about the CHILD!"

He turned white, started sputtering and began to sink to the ground before she let out her famous BARK of a laugh.....

Yeah, Bette Davis was a Wild one....

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