BABY, Let's SWING Laura Nyro

BABY, Let's SWING Laura Nyro

I saw you open in L.A.
There's something I gotta say,
You know it's really been
such a long, long time

And you know, Laura
I knew you'd make it good some day
And you knew it anyway
I know that maybe this is
the wrong, wrong time
But, Laura
Where did that MAGIC go?

It's so hard, it's so cold down here
Did you have to
leave me behind?
I wish that I could dig it
But how I love to shuffle
Baby, let's swing
How I love to shuffle
Ever since I heard you sing

I saw you in that magazine
You looked like a Gypsy Queen
I beat around the bush
'cause it's oh, so hard
But you know
It's not the best that it's ever been
I think you know what I mean

I wish you'd take a look
in your own back yard
To see that someone
has seen it all
Seen you climb
Seen you fall so low

If you have to
leave it behind
I'll carry it on for you
'cause it's oh, so hard
Baby, let's swing
Now I love to shuffle
Ever since I heard you sing

Todd Rundgren for Laura Nyro.

Todd LOVED Laura Nyro.
So did I.

Some of the GREATEST, most soulful music you will EVER hear...

She's GONE, now, cancer took her away and I can barely STAND IT, but her music lives on more strongly than EVER....

Go to YOUTUBE and listen to "It's Gonna Take a Miracle" and see if it doesn't break your heart...

She didn't write the song, but NO ONE does it better....

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