Like a fly batters itself against the window
Time and again, it senselessly blunders...

Up and down the length of West Broadway
The Bag Lady wanders

50 cents rent goes pretty far
when you live in a subway car
one stop's the same as another
Even Son of Sam sees her sleeping
She's not worth the bother


Do they ever want to cry?
Do they us pass by?
Where do they come from?

Simple answers
Do they come falling?
Falling from the sky like rain?
Crawling up the basement drain?

Misfits and Black Sheep
Friends of

There is no yesterday
There is no tomorrow
There is only now
and that hardly matters

No one cares about
Sad Old Ladies
With bags full of tatters

Do they come falling
Falling from the sky like rain?
Crawling up the basement drain?

Misfits and Black Sheep
Former brothers
Friends of Mothers

One day, it gets a bit too wet
Maybe a bit too cold
Maybe a little too lonely

Lifelessly, she lies amidst
her bag world
She's only

Todd Rundgren
Hermit of Mink Hollow

I was reading this article today about how the HOMELESS in San Francisco NEVER have to starve...

All they have to do is make it up to Glide Memorial every day for three square MEALS....

Sounds EASY, doesn't it?

If you can SURVIVE the trip through the Tenderloin, you can EAT....

I have seen those LINES at Glide, no one in their Right Mind would willingly become a part of it, and I guess that is the POINT.

They make it seem like HOMELESSNESS is a personal CHOICE.

Any observant person would realize that the streets filled UP with the Mentally ill during REAGAN'S Regime...

The Bank of America and Wall Street are responsible for a LOT of the rest....

The HOMELESS in San Francisco are NOT the problem, they tend to keep to THEMSELVES...

It is the AGGRESSIVE Pan Handlers...!

I have had to set more than one of them STRAIGHT, they get right in your FACE, block the SIDEWALK, and giving them FOOD does no good...

There was this young girl that used to sit in front of Citicorp Plaza, blanket, three kids, etc...

My co-workers and I used to give her money and ask passerby to please pitch in, for the children's sake...

The police ARRESTED her one morning. There was a woman and a man SCREAMING at her....

Turns out she was their BABYSITTER!

She dressed their kids in RAGS, hopped on BART and came in from CONCORD each morning to make some SERIOUS cash....

Turns out she was making at least $300 A DAY!

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