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Friends, Neighbors and Citizens of the World:

If this set of photos doesn't ABSOLUTELY convince you that PEOPLE LIVE ON GANYMEDE, then I must declare that NASA has done a thorough job on you....

Why should NASA tell us the truth? What good would it serve? The Government orders them not to tell us, and they don't tell us.

It is as simple and plain as that.

It is in what is NOT said by NASA.

They have NEVER said that there is no life in space, they just say that they haven't located any....

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to punish my heathen butt by making me go out into the woods behind her house and pick out my own "switch" for her to whack me across the ass with, something I had in common with Richard Pryor...

I'd stand there among HUNDREDS of trees, trying to decide which little tree branch would hurt the least, cause the smallest STING....

And sometimes, in a forest full of trees, I just could not manage to find a suitable candidate...

It is the same with NASA and those that control us.

They set out, or so they say, to find out whether or not we are "alone" in the universe. They have gone to The Moon, and they will soon be on Pluto. They have stopped at every planet and quite a few of the Asteroids along the way... they have witnessed WONDERS. and, no matter how hard they try, they just cannot decide WHICH truth to tell us about.

Which truth about which world will cause them the LEAST damage?

Should they say people live on THE MOON? What type of PANIC and DREAD would that cause?

The Asteroid Belts?

Or, should it be someplace, Far, Far away, like a world near SURIUS?

What should they admit to?


They admit to nothing....

And spend our money on phony space missions, boring orbits around the globe, using MEN and WOMEN as monkeys, all to keep us COMPLETELY non-interested....

Everything changes once the Human Mind absorbs and ACCEPTS the sights and sounds of LIFE on alien worlds....

Once the Government and the News tells you....

Everything Man has ever imagined made him SECURE among these worlds around the Sun, changes forever.

Everything changes for the rich and powerful the day Man is aware of a more powerful entity. Fear will take on a shape that Government can no longer control.

Earthly power will be viewed as infantile...

EVERYTHING changes, as surely as most of the Aztecs are EXTINCT....

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