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Hate to say I told you so, (no, I don't)but my prediction about NASA and Richard Branson's VIRGIN GALACTIC has come TRUE....

NASA has contracted with Virgin Galactic to deliver sub-orbital payloads to the International Space Station.....

SPACEPORT AMERICA opened TODAY, about 10 hours ago, for BUSINESS, and BUZZ ALDRIN was one of the honored guests, along with the Governor of New Mexico,
Susana Martinez.

Spaceport America is located in Upham, New Mexico. New Mexico will likely be the FUTURE home of American Space travel, as more than one firm is considering facilities in this dry, arid region....

BRANSON rappelled down the face of the Spaceport Terminal, an act of daring that is typical for the man, looking more like mythical THOR, than one of the world's richest humans....

This is the FUTURE.

Richard Branson has changed the course of Space Travel, forever.

Over 400 individuals have booked sub-orbital SPACE FLIGHTS through Virgin galactic...

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