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"A race of Gods or Giants must have inhabited BAALBEK many a century ago. Men like the men of today could hardly rear such temples as these..."

Mark Twain, 1867.

Of all the fascinating sights Mark Twain encountered during his trip to the Far East in 1867-1868, his trip to BAALBEK impressed him most.

It humbled and made thoughtful a proud man used to speaking his mind.

It made him consider LIFE in a new light, and profoundly affected him all the rest of his life.

The PILLARS you see before you, at the Temple of Bacchus, are 90 feet tall...The broken blocks strewn across the ground are room sized, some are the size of BUSES and STREETCARS....

NOTHING made today can create such massive objects of stone...

Mark Twain visited the massive tombs of the Italian Wealthy, the Pyramids of Egypt, the immense homes of the Royalty of Constantinople....

NOTHING was as impressive as BAALBEK....

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