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When Alan Billis, a cab driver in Torquay, England, home of Basil Fawlty and Fawlty Towers, got the bad news that he had terminal cancer, he decided to do something that this particular type of news has not inspired in over 3,000 years:

He decided it was time to get his affairs in order, and make a trip down to the local Mummy Preparer.

His family and friends took the news rather well, but they all had the same question: Just where do you go to get mummified nowadays?

If you have Channel Four in Great Britain, then you will have the answer to that question on Monday Evening, when the special airs...

Mr, Billis, lover of television documentaries, saw an ad from a company looking to film the original Egyptian Mummification Process.

After Mr. Billis passed away last January, his body was processed with NATRON, from a lake bed in Egypt, along with other oils and resins....

His ORGANS were removed, except heart and brain, and placed in jars....

All was carried out at the Medico-Legal Center in Sheffield, England,under the watchful eye of Dr, Stephen Buckley...

If you are interested, they are likely showing this on BBC AMERICA, sometime soon...

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