When the eight tribes of the Celts descended upon the Po Valley, home of the Etruscans, they brought with them a type of TERROR and unreasoning FEAR that was unknown in this part of the world, as well as EVERYTHING that they owned.

Every Celtic Man, Woman and Child. They brought their Farm Tools. Their Ox Carts. Their precious GOLD works, their Domiciles, rude Huts and animal skin covered dwellings, their Slaves, their Animals- goats, pigs, chickens, oxen, asses, and, at the forefront of all, their incredibly fierce ARMY-it was a full fledged MIGRATION and a full-fledged DISASTER for the Etruscans.

The Celts were FRIGHTFUL in appearance:

All their warriors were TALL, MUSCULAR, WHITE-HAIRED, SAVAGE....

They had Blond, shaggy manes of hair that they BLEACHED with LIME and combed back from their foreheads. Their skin was almost stark WHITE, as a result of their usage of lime.... They wore brightly colored and intricately patterned shirts, breeches and cloaks, striped and checkered, fastened at the shoulder with broaches....

The leaders wore stiff mustaches that looked like metal SIEVES over their mouths...

The Celtic War-Chariots were lighter and faster than the Etruscans, and the Celtic drivers could speed their chariots over ANY type of ground with an agility and daring that COWERED the Etruscans.

They were so impressed by the way that the Celts managed their horse and goat carts that they were defeated before the battle began.

The Keltoi, as they were called by the Greeks, left their homelands en masse:

The BOII tribe, The LAII, The Senones, The Lingones, The Libici, The Cenomani, The Anari, and the Insubres, joined together in a common cause: SURVIVAL.

Why did they leave their ancestral homelands along the Danube?

Same reason, I believe, that the Asteroid Fields are inhabited:

There are FEW Kings allowed in any one place, at any one time. Men of wealth tend to want to run their own affairs, with their own people. It is WHY there is an Israel today...Kings are selfish, greedy, USERS, for the most part. Wealthy Folk are usually their victims. The poor become their armies. There is only SO much of that sort of society those of means are willing to put up with.

So, they grab their possessions and people and go in search of lands where THEY, too, can become KINGS and RULERS.

Also, they were being hard-pressed by warriors from Danemark and Sweden.

So, the eight Celtic tribes that entered the Po valley that fateful day were not, as they appeared to be, ruthless savages, they were skilled ORATORS and BUSINESSMEN.

They did not just RAID the Etruscan lands. They calmly ASKED the Etruscan leaders to be grated the lands in the Po Valley that were nearest to the rivers.

They went on to explain that, while the Etruscans had superior weaponry and technology, they, the Celts, had the SAVAGERY and NUMBERS that could easily defeat them and take ALL.

The panicked Etruscans sent envoys to ROME to ask for help in repelling these invaders, a move that they would come to regret later.

The Roman negotiators and their army arrived and were greeted with great Celtic mirth. The leader of the Celts instructed the Romans to sit back on the Hills and watch the spectacle that must now take place. They were certain that the Romans, once they saw their fighting prowess, would go back to their lands with incredible stories to tell.

They were warned NOT to take sides with the Etruscans, which they did anyway, a move that the ROMANS would INDEED come to regret later....

The Celts began a WEIRD, LOUD, HARSH discordant SINGING, that grew louder and louder and LOUDER. They banged on their shields, creating an incredible DIN of WAR. They blew on strange sounding HORNS...Their best warriors ran out from the battle-lines, challenging the best of the Romans and the Etruscans to duels...

When the challenges were accepted, the Celts began name-calling and insulting the warriors' MOTHERS...

The Roman and Etruscan warriors lost their HEADS, which were dried or pickled, then hung over the doorways of Celtic Huts when the battle was through.

The Etruscans were pushed from the PO VALLEY into ROME, where they quickly took over Roman Society.....For a TIME....

As REVENGE, as a sequel, the CELTS marched on Rome and SACKED it, a few years later....

(I made a mistake in the first part of this tale, "Shadowlands of the Etuscans"...I meant to say that Man and Woman were EQUAL, in Etruscan Society...also, there should have been a comma after the first appearance of the word "Carthaginians"....)

I should take more time to proof-read myself, I know....

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