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8-cubed sun oif alien yeshgua's pyramid shaped ufo

8-cubed sun oif alien yeshgua's pyramid shaped ufo

8- cubed sun of alien yeshua's pyramid shaped u.f.o.'s has been officially confimed to be traveling from the constellation of orion as millitary escorts to the cube of revelation crystal city strucrue entering our solal system here we see jerusalem's biblical elongated headed african ancient of daysas the millitary leadr of a group of scot ships refered to as pyramid shaped u.f.o.'s and he has 4 fingers & 1 thumb the elongated headed alien that lnaded upon ancient egypt's mount siani mountain range in ezekiels glowing wheel within a wheel like space craft that had a crystal dome has 3 fingers & 1 thumb it is this alien techings in which we can now refer to as the teachings of the biological life form in whcih ancient judaism called yeshua that created the elongated headed adamic race in his own image and likeness this biological life form wanted to become like his solar father as seen 93 million miles away from the surface of planet earth when he created the 4 fingers and 1 thumb elongated headed african civilizations and now it would seem that he after million of years has finally achieved his goal within the crystalogrphic atomic 101 planes of new jerusalem's cubed crystal city as to date the origianl sun of our solar system has greeted his first born with open arms this would also explain why their was no upheaval within our solar sytem as the biblical alien that landed upon ancient egypts mount sinai region returned as a beacon of light within his magniticly based silicon cube of new jerusalem and now transformations of planet earth's rotaing magnetic field are under way by pyramid shaped u.f.o.'s to realign earth magnetic center to the cube of revelation magnetic fields when this process is completred we would see 1st john 1:1 holyhydrogen light of creation as een within the huam cell wall plasma transfo,img the human cell ganglions to fit jerusalem's 101 atomic plane radiating magnetic fields the human body becomes a mass of glowing silicon that has takenn on a sherical shape that has a conscous hydrogen light oscillating and rotaing many colors this allows the huaman to access the door way of alien yeshua's tree gates and you will not be able to enter any of these gates with a humanoid form thie only form of the trnsformed human being allowed within the prescence of psalms 84:11 sun within the crystal city is an silical based magentictly rotating ball of light there would be no more human fleshly body only silical based humanoid forms of light and now we see ezra 1:3 biblical dome of the rock actually revealing its pyramid shaped ufo from the constellation of orion interlocking with revelation 21-2 cube of new jerusalem within and vertcle rectngle.

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