STAR CITY the moon

STAR CITY the moon

Don't tell ME that people do not reside of the Moon.

No, I don't know who they are, don't know the slightest bit of their history.

All I know is that they build FANTASTIC structures that are a millennia ahead of our current capabilities....

They appear to be at PEACE, 'cause you can't BUILD during WAR, and the Moon Folk have not ceased construction since we have started observing them, for well over 60 years!

They are building more and more, their CITIES are spreading OUT....

One of the MANY reasons NASA won't go back, why the Chinese shall NOT be plumbing the Moon for rare metals:

The CITIES are growing RAPIDLY. There are fewer desolate spots to LAND in.

Next time, they will come down in the middle of a CITY, and THEN where would they be?

We could NEVER return to the past, afterward.....

We would finally be committed, propelled into a fantastic future.

We would be as CHILDREN, once more....

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