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WHITE HOUSE.Aliens Denied

WHITE HOUSE.Aliens Denied

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Contact with Space Aliens Denied by the White House
White House officials responded to a petition demanding the government to disclose to the public the alleged hidden contact with extraterrestrial civilization. Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy wrote in response to the two online petitions that the U.S. government does not know anything about the evidence on the existence of intelligent alien life form and contact with aliens had never been happened in the past and in the present.

The “We the People” government initiative allows the public to air out their concerns and queries to the government through online petition. The government promised to respond all petitions which have at least 5,000 signatures. The first petition which ask the government to formally acknowledge an alien existence engaging humanity got 12,078 signatures and the other one which requested the administration to disclose the knowledge of the government on the contact with aliens got 5,387.

The government only acknowledge on their support on search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) project. The government said that a lot of scientists and mathematicians have actively search for the existence of intelligent life somewhere in the universe. According to Larson, researchers believe that there is certainly other life outside Earth but to have contact with them may be quite impossible considering the distance from Earth.

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