The GREATEST of the philosophers.

He believed that a true philosopher should abandon all the trappings of society.

He believed that DOGS were far more noble than MAN, and that man should follow their example, so he gave up all worldly possessions and lived among the filth of society.

He once walked through the city during daylight hours carrying a lit lamp. When asked what he was doing, he replied that he was searching for an Honest Man....

His reputation for true WISDOM reached far and wide.

ALEXANDER of Macedonia, Alexander the Great, took time to search out and locate this fabled wise-man that lived among the scrap heaps.

When Alexander finally located Diogenes, the latter was digging through a garbage can.

When Alexander introduced himself and inquired what Diogenes was doing, the unimpressed Diogenes told him that he was searching for the BONES of Alexander's FATHER, but could not distinguish them from the bones of common SLAVES....!

Alexander took no offense. He asked the disheveled philosopher what he could do for him, that he would give him anything in the world that he desired.

Diogenes then asked him to MOVE, for Alexander was blocking his good sunlight...

Alexander was taken aback, his men moved forward to arrest Diogenes, but Alexander waved them back, then squatted at Diogenes' feet and listened to him discourse for several hours.

Alexander, after a time, finally arose and walked away, head bowed in thought.

He looked up, finally, at his men and said:

"Were I not Alexander, I would be DIOGENES."

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