Everyone involved in this story is GUILTY.

Every sports reporter that has EVER done a Penn State article over the last 20 years.

PENN STATE and EVERYONE employed by them.

You are not going to tell me that events of this type do not have a life of their own. Word gets around. Everyone knew.

Head Coach Joseph Paterno, who knew all about Sandusky and his proclivity for young boys, some who were as young as SIX, when Sandusky first placed his EYE on them...

Back in June of this year, Joe Paterno sold his home to his WIFE for one dollar.....

Joe Paterno informed Sandusky in 1999 that he would NEVER become Head Coach at Penn State.

Mike McCreary, Assistant Coach who actually CAUGHT Sandusky raping an unwilling boy in the shower room in 2002.

McCreary stated that he informed the Penn State Campus Police of the incident. The Penn State Police have DENIED ever hearing from McCreary.

Jerry Sandusky got his start at Penn State in 1969, hired as Defensive Line Coach. He was starting defensive end from 1963-1965.

In 1977, Sandusky began his "charity" organization "The Second Mile", ostensibly to help "young boys/people attain their full potential"....

He begins immediately taking young boys into the Shower Rooms of Penn State.

He approaches the first of EIGHT known victims in 1994.

In 1998, he is accused of taking a young boy into the showers and attempting to COPULATE with the child, who runs away and informs his mother.

The mother informs the police, who listen in to a conversation between Sandusky and the mother. Sandusky apologizes and says he "wishes he were dead". District Attorney RAY GRICAR declines to pursue charges.

In fall, 1999, a janitor named Ray Calhoun almost experiences Cardiac Arrest when he walks in on Jerry Sandusky performing oral sex on an unwilling boy that he has pinned up against a shower wall....Calhoun tells a fellow janitor. They told their supervisor. Worried that they might lose their jobs, they pursue the matter no further.

March 1, 2002: Penn State Graduate assistant, Mike McCreary, strolls into the Penn State Locker Room and hears rhythmic, SLAPPING sounds. he investigates and find Sandusky raping a ten year old boy.

At this time, Sandusky was no longer a coach at Penn State, he'd retired "to spend more time with "The Second Mile" organization. But, he still had an office on campus, keys to the shower room, and certain perquisites that allowed him full access to virtually anywhere on the Campus....

There is so much to this story, with more breaking daily.

A Sports Illustrated reporter that wrote an article on Jerry Sandusky in a dec 1999 issue is being questioned over the quality of the story he wrote.

There is not one quote from ANYONE at Penn State regarding their feelings about Jerry Sandusky, whom already had dark rumours about allegations of sexual abuse...There is also a photo of one of Sandusky's victims in this article...


Everyone GUILTY.

Including the PARENTS of the victims who did NOTHING over the years.

On November 5th, 2011, Jerry Sandusky was arrested and charged with sexually abusing EIGHT BOYS over a period of 15 years. Sandusky went on television yesterday denying all charges, so one of the victims has come forward and has, through attorney Ben Andreozzi, charged Sandusky with SEVERE SEXUAL ASSAULT....

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