Something unusual was going on at the Deutsch residence. All the neighborhood children had been seen going in and out of a small shack on the property for the last several days, and now grown men were flocking to the property.

Something was going on, and Julius and Margaret Deutsch were determined to get to the bottom of it. After all, they had two young daughters to look out for.

It was the year 1900 in Budapesht, Hungary. The Deutsch's identical twin daughters, Yansci and Roszika, were eight years old now and harder to tell apart than ever. The old trick of dressing one in pink and the other in blue no longer worked. The girls would just switch clothes once they were out of sight....

They had already been suspected of doing one another's homework and switching classes at school.

Now, Margaret would have to be left alone in the shop she and Julius owned in downtown Budapesht, and Margaret hated to be there alone.

Julius crept back home to discover just what had been going on.

He crept into his yard and headed for the shack, where the sounds of merriment could be heard. He peered through a dirty window. What he saw SHOCKED him.

Jenny/Yanschi and Roszika/Rose Deutsch were performing scandalous DANCES for a packed house of neighborhood kids. And a few adult MEN. Dirty Dancing that had originated in the Dance Halls of decadent Berlin, where an aunt of the girls had just recently taken them on a short trip.

Apparently, the twins were fast learners, for they certainly did not dance like eight year olds.

Berlin of 1900 was a wide open town, possibly the most degenerate city in modern history, where young children of either sex were openly bought and sold for acts of love and perversion.

So, it was somewhat difficult to shock any adult that had ever been to Berlin.

Julius had been to Berlin.

He had NEVER seen anyone dance like his young daughters were dancing for that hooting crowd that day.

Outraged, FURIOUS, Julius sent the crowd packing, kicking an adult or two in the ass as they ran past him.

Jenny and Rose woke up the next morning in a Berlin CONVENT. It was a mutual decision, easy to reach once Julius explained to his wife exactly what had been going on. Jenny and Rose had been charging people ADMISSION to see them dance. They had quite a stash of money saved up.

No, a Convent was the only answer. The Good Sisters would soon straighten Jenny and Rose out.

The twins cried inconsolably, constantly. They cried during the day, they WAILED at night. The Convent Sisters were starting to become concerned for their well-being, as the twins would neither eat or sleep. They refused to have anything to do with anyone, no matter how severely they had their bottoms paddled.

Finally, the Sisters inquired of them WHY they were there, their father had been somewhat vague on why he'd enrolled his daughters at the school.

What had they done to be sent there so suddenly?

"We danced" was Rose's sole statement.

"DANCED?" the Sisters inquired. What kind of dance? SHOW US!

Jenny and Rose Deutsch, the young Dolly Sisters, woke up the next morning in their own beds, in their own home.

The Sisters at the convent had NEVER seen young girls perform the SPLITS before, and were thoroughly SCANDALIZED.....

They were put on a train for home immediately....

They were returned to the care of their parents, but the damage was done.

Rumours had gotten out, and Julius and Margaret's business suffered terribly for it. They were being shunned by their neighbors, and Jenny and Rose were being scorned as "loose" women at the age of eight....

Julius understood that there was no longer a future in Budapesht, probably nowhere in all of Hungary, for his family.

He had a brother in America who had been sending back glowing reports.

It was time to move to America. That city called New York.....

-part one-

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