Now I have nothing
So God give me strength
'Cause I'm weak
in her wake
And if I'm strong
I might still break

And I don't have anything to share
That I won't throw away into the air
That song is sung out
This bell is rung out
She was the light that I'd bless
She took my last chance of happiness
So God give me strength
God give me strength

I can't hold on to her
God give me strength
When the phone doesn't ring
And I'm lost in imagining
Everything that kind of love is worth
As I tumble back down to the Earth

That song is sung
This bell is rung out
She was the light that I'd bless
She took my last chance at happiness
So God give me strength

If she'd grant my indulgence
and decline
I might as well
Wipe her from my memory
Fracture the spell
As she becomes my enemy

Maybe I was washed-out
like a lip print on a shirt
See? I'm only human
I want her to hurt
I want her
I want her to hurt....

Since I lost the power to pretend
That there could ever be a happy ending
That song is sung out
This bell is wrung out
She was the light that I'd bless
She took my last chance at happiness
So, God, give me strength
God, give me strength....


Without Aimee Semple McPherson and her Four Square Gospel, without her Holy Rollers, without her teachings and her Angelus Temple Relief Fund, thousands of poor Chicanos would have starved during the Great Depression, so great was their fear of being deported as Illegal Aliens that many preferred to STARVE, so long as they could stay in America....

Actor Anthony Quinn was great friend of hers, her most dedicated defender. He called all the charges and controversy against her "Pure Horseshit".

He says she was the REAL thing, able to easily pull him away from all of the Catholic teachings and beliefs of his Hispanic heritage...

She nearly went BANKRUPT and faced serious charges of malfeasance leveled against her by her daughter and mother as they struggled to wrest control of Angelus from her, merely because she favored feeding people over balanced books...

Young Tony Quinn played saxophone in her Angelus Temple band for months before he would fully look her in the eye, afraid that she would detect indecision....

One day, as he sat on a street corner, saxophone in hand, staring off into the future, he felt a hand gently touch his shoulder. He looked up into the eyes of Aimee Semple McPherson and felt a SHOCK go through his body....He says they were the most gentle yet FORCEFUL eyes that he had ever seen, would EVER see, and he worked with every great and forceful actress of his time...

Her EYES simply told him that she UNDERSTOOD...

She called him by name, another thing that surprised him, and asked him for a FAVOR. She was taking her ministry in East Los Angeles and needed someone to translate for her....

He leaped at the chance and attempted, really, to TRANSLATE for her for the rest of his life.....

He stressed that anyone who ever saw her take TOTAL command of those audiences that numbered over 5,000 individuals every Sunday, the way she spoke and gave Blessings, the way she raised her arms and spoke to God and sent violent CHILLS through your body, you would know that she was truly the greatest Actor of all time...

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