Republican Jewish Coalition muzzles peacemonger Ro

Republican Jewish Coalition muzzles peacemonger Ro

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One thing should be made perfectly clear though, the RJC has every right to invite or not to invite whomever they please to their debate, because it’s their debate, and technically it does not qualify as censorship because it’s a private forum. No one has a right to free speech on private property.

However this blatant exclusion of Ron Paul by the RJC doesn’t fool anybody. It’s not a state secret that Israel has made the United States it’s bitch, largely due to the fact that the United States congress is chalk-full of sellout career politicians who don’t give a shit about human life when pitted against the size of their offshore checking accounts.

Ultimately both the United States and Israel in tandem have caused so much chaos, that when certain forces in the world community unite, it will be Americans who will end up paying in blood for the crimes of U.S. foreign policy. And you can bet your bottom dollar, that it will be families like the Rothschild’s who will be funding the coalition of nations that helps to put America in its place. One day the historical reference to: ‘Capitalist America’, will be equivalent to, or worse than the words: ‘Nazi Germany’.

Nations States are nothing more than chess pieces to the money masters. So long as there is a privately owned, fiat, debt based currency that the people use as money. Then the people shall be indebted, and thereby enslaved to those who print that money. The only way out this paradigm is to escape the debt-based currency Ponzi scheme, by instituting a sound currency that has intrinsic value, and that can actually be owned by the people possessing it.

The big secret is that the Federal Reserve Owns every single note that it prints, it owns all of these notes, because all of these notes are borrowed into existence, and therefore must be paid back to the issuer, and you can’t even pay back this debt, because you would need to borrow the interest from the Fed to pay them back, which means you would still be in debt.

The fiat debt based currency system in America today, is a system of slavery. Any attempt to ignore or disregard the debt, would be viewed by interested international bankers as a declaration of war. Which means other nation states would be funded, to bring the offending nation back into compliance with repaying the debt.

This is one of the main reasons the United States goes to war, sure it does so to loot and pillage the valuables of resource rich countries, but that’s just a side bonus. Its main reason for the war is to act as the enforcement arm of the Private Central Banks. To bring nations back in line with the will of the Banksters.

This all brings us back to Ron Paul being excluded from the debate being held by the Republican Jewish Coalition. The money power that is pulling the strings of Israel, whom is pulling the strings of U.S. foreign policy, wishes to wage war on Iran. Ron Paul is opposed to war with Iran, he is therefore being excluded from the debate.

All public reasons for this war are simply that, stories for the public. However there are private reasons that interested parties have for wanting to bomb Iran. The chances are highly likely that these private reasons have everything to do with the will of the central banks that have a monopoly on the world's money supply.

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