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She's the girl who used to be
In a town that can't remember
Just a face you used to see
In a show one past September
Another Child Star
That didn't get as far as she hoped to
She's got re-runs for memories...

She don't want sympathy
or pity from me
Just the chance to do it OVER
Just to prove that she can
And there is no sympathy
or pity from me
Just the chance to do it over
Just to prove that she can....

She reads the Want Ads
And haunts the Bars
And what she finds is next to nothing
You can push, but just so far
And she's tired of being that someone
At the end of the line
She wants her day in the sun forever...

She's not much different from you or me
She's the girl who used to be.....
in a town that can't REMEMBER....

John Oates

Imagine the Death of Natalie Wood back in the headlines, 30 years later...

There was so much more to the story, as everyone suspected...

Natalie was alive in the sea for HOURS after she mysteriously "FELL" overboard from a BOAT that she feared and did NOT want to board...

If they had searched for her one hour after someone heard that SPLASH and yell for HELP, she would have survived...

Robert Wagner....They say HE pushed her overboard to keep SECRET the rumour that she caught him in BED with a MAN...

Well, if THAT's TRUE, then HOW did the rumour get OUT?

She was filming "Brainstorm" at the time...

Another rumour is that she was having an affair with co-star CHRISTOPHER WALKEN, Wagner caught them together, then threw her overboard later in mad anger when they argued...

Well, It Takes A Thief to get away with such things...

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