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jeusus talpiot jerusalem pyramid ossuary emblem

jeusus talpiot jerusalem pyramid ossuary emblem

jesus talpiot jerusalem pramid ossury emblem discovery as generated from the giza pyramid master masonry allows the theological connection of him being the chief corner stone of the newly arriving modern pyramid shaped u.f.o's from the constellation of orion it also connectcts jesus scriptual reference to matthew 2:14 that states "out of egypt have i called my son" I also found an elongated headed image of jesus christ as seen upon the entrance stone of the talpiot jerusalem vurial site but if we consider the ethiopian north african role of geneis 49:8 biblical couching lion spinx of the tribe of judah within the talpiot tombs and his aramaic ossuary inscriptionsthat reads judah son of yeshua one might be tempted to ask the ultimate question was the elongated headed african adamic race the true devine seed on planet earth of an elongatd headed alien yeshua ? since the talpiot jerusalem lost tomb of jesus entrance stone to its cave wall has about 4 discernable humanoid faces that have elongated heads and this tomb is associated with the biblical jesus of the bible it would be logical to assume that inorder to be the true biological son of an elongated headed alien yeshua this son of god must hen have alien yeshua's d.n.a profile since god is mentioned in the olf testamnet as not being a man but he has arms legs a face and a humanoid body he would and can be turely categorized as an extraterrestrial biological life form of the kind that travels around the the atmosphere of planetr earth in ezkiels glowing wheel within a wheel like space craft that had a crystal dome.

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