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Knittelfeld UFOs - Austria

Knittelfeld UFOs - Austria

  • Uploaded by Reversec on Dec 15, 2011
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Who is not familiar with this interesting case. Knittelfeld in Austria is said to be a Ufo Hot Spot.
People from this village saw Ufos at several times.
A man and a woman took some photos with their high quality camera equipment.

After the first sighting in the mid 90`s
a mysterious man arrived at their home
and asked to watch the photos.
They said,this man was very very nervous during the inspection of the photo material. He didn`t explain for who he worked for. Sounds of a typical Man In Black experience. Most of the photo material can not be found online.
Mr and Mrs Kalib-Trieb said, there where dozens of this flickering lights hovering above Knittelfeld with lots of colours in it. This photo is a example of what the lights looked like in detail. You can clearly see the stars behind, it was a clear night.

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