WHERE IT'S AT the moon

WHERE IT'S AT the moon

How can we just ignore THE MOON?

It is such an incredible destination, so near and yet, so far, as unknowable as the person sitting next to you...

We stay away from the Moon, just like we stay away from all the other planets in this Solar System, because there are highly advanced people living there.

Once the announcement is made, the next question will be "Can we beat them in a fight?" The answer will be a stone cold "NO!"

So, the news can NEVER be broken.

The Solar System is far older than we ever imagined, or, it is JUST as old as we have imagined it to be. LIFE just got started a mite sooner than science will ever admit.


That will be the first thing to go once Aliens touch down and make their presence known to all beyond the shadow of a doubt....


They'll be next.


Will once again be respected as they should be, and they will finally see their dreams come true....

The Military.

Will have to re-invent itself, probably more along the lines of "Star Trek", the difference being that Earth will not be leading ANYTHING...

We stay away from the planets because they are all inhabited, folks.


Every ASTEROID and possibly a few COMETS as well.



But True, so TRUE....

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