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I was reading a JULY, 1929 issue of TIME MAGAZINE, nonchalantly flipped to the Science Section, and found an IMPORTANT fact that has NEVER been reported anywhere but here, at DiscloseTV.

I wrote about this last year, but did not have the magazine close at hand....

I do now, so I will transcribe a bit for you:


So unobtrusively does Professor Robert Hutchings Goddard of Clark University, Worcester, Mass., work on his study of the air's upper miles by means of rockets that to many of his students he is only a tradition.

They call him Moon Man, in the inaccurate belief that he is trying to reach the moon with his missiles.

Last week, Tradition Goddard detonated very loudly. From a forty-ft. steel tower he fired his latest rocket, a huge steel cylinder 9 feet long by 2 1/2 feet in diameter. A new propellent sent it whizzing up from the ground, it rose to about 90 feet. There, the fuel seemed to ignite all at once....

The tremendous ROAR sent police and ambulances hunting for tragedy.....

To make a LONG story short,
as a result of an ORDER by the State of Massachusetts, Robert Hutchings Goddard was forced to remove himself from the immediate vicinity, citing safety concerns....

The United States Government interceded, and set Goddard up in a place where his revolutionary experiments, which proved that rockets did not need to push against the earth to achieve flight, but could operate in a VACUUM, like space, could continue to be perfected....

He was given new research facilities in


EXACTLY 18 years later, in July of 1947, we had the infamous Roswell Alien Incident.

And that is FACT, folks.....

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