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I had something like this sitting in the front window of my house.

One day, there's a knock at the door.

It's the COPS, wondering why I have my "Stash Box" sitting in the window, where the neighborhood children could see it.

The two IDIOTS actually called it my "Stash Box"....

I told them that they were mistaken and FULL OF SHIT, go the F... away, please.

I said it with respect....

One asked if he could open it up and take a look, he was POSITIVE he could smell the tell-tale SCENY of Marijuana emanating from it...

I LAUGHED in his face, and invited them both in.

Had them take a LOOK....

They opened it and were SHOCKED.

They left without a word, never saw them again.

I had the carcass of a GIANT Los Angeles COCKROACH in there, for the more NOSY minded guests....

I SWEAR, it was at least 6 inches long, with feelers that extended another 3 inches....

AND: What idiot keeps his stash box in his living room window?

Or a cockroach, while we're talking about IDIOTS.

It had to be the SCREAMS, once I left people alone in the room with it...

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