She let a Tree Hugger....(hug her)

Puts me in mind of a STORY...

There was this kid born with only one eye. Two perfectly good sockets, but just one eye. His family could not afford to get him a glass eye, so they got him a wooden one.

The kid was known around the neighborhood as "Wood Eye".

Now, Wood Eye, as he grew older, had a hard time attracting a woman, for reasons which I assume are obvious, but there was more to it.

Wood Eye hated when anyone mentioned his wooden eye.

He just HATED it.

One day, Wood Eye was invited to a party. he knew that he would never be invited again if he made a scene, so he resolved to be an absolute gentleman.

The party was nice, but girl after girl turned Wood Eye down when he asked them to dance....

Just then, when all hope was lost, he saw a lonely girl sitting off in a corner. She smiled at him. She had a Harelip, but she SMILED at him, so he made his approach....

"Uh, do you think you'd like to dance with me?" he asked her.

She shouted:

He yelled


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