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Pity poor OLIVER.

Born in 1958, he still has a long way to go enduring life on this weird Earth...

He will probably live another 20 years, barring any additional MISERY....

He walks like a MAN, SMOKES like a MAN...

Wants a good WOMAN like a MAN.

In fact, that is what started his long trip down the Meifu-Mado, the Road to Hell.

When he hit PUBERTY, he started hitting, rather aggressively, on the WIFE of his owner...

Pinned her up against the kitchen stove when he was 13 years old and tried to slip it in....

She managed to extricate herself with some sweet words, and he let her go.

A Human Rapist would never have done so...

The owner sold him to a traveling CIRCUS, and Oliver has been bounced about ever since, spending YEARS, at one rough patch, in a cramped, cold cage at a research facility that swore it was treating him humanely.

An Animal Rights group had to SUE to get him released. The owner of the facility has been barred for LIFE from ever making contact with Oliver again.

Sounds like a protection order between two former lovers....

No, according to SCIENCE, he is not the Missing Link, Not Half-Man, Half APE.

He is just a poor, unfortunate individual that knows what it is truly like to be born UNIQUE in this world.

His story is the same as it has been for all such beings born into this vale of tears....

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