MARS....NASA is relatively QUIET about MARS, in general.

Just think about the wasted OPPORTUNITY, to say nothing about their wasted ENDEAVORS and total lack of SPIRIT.

And they haven't PIONEERED anything in over 40 years.

Just think of the wasted TIME.

We have roving cameras on another Full-Color world, and we putz around from DESERT location to desert location, scuttling about like rhinoceros beetles, churning up the SAND, which just HAD to have been created by WATER, and oceans of it, all for NOTHING.

A few lousy photos here and there.

NASA always makes sure we see the TRACKS the rovers leave in all that SAND....

Why no SOUND? Why no LIVE STREAMING VIDEO from another world that we EARTHFOLK are exploring? The GREATEST thing that the human race could be doing at this juncture in our history, DISCOVERING whether or not there is another place for MAN to inhabit, and we do SO LITTLE with what has been achieved.


It was supposed to be the Dish running away with the SPOON, but NASA didn't get the memo.

NASA does not believe in Nursery Rhymes.

They believe in FAIRY TALES.

They believe in trumpeting false news about nothing, holding dramatic press conferences, the air thick with the anticipation that something OMINOUS has been discovered, and they announce LIFE in a pond on Earth, or a Black Hole 30 billion light years away...

IF there is truly NO LIFE on The Moon or Mars....

Then there should be cameras zipping around these planets, streaming LIVE, full-color VIDEO at us. I know that I would watch that show, that channel, that WEBSITE.

NASA would make BILLIONS.

They could pull that HAND back in and concentrate on putting Humans on Mars...

But THAT ain't the program.

NASA means to say DISCOURAGING WORDS, in a land where we are never supposed to hear them.

NO discoveries.

Earth is the only interesting planet in the Solar System, Folks.

We talk of GODS and they seem to be a pretty lazy bunch with tunnel vision. They have cast their lot with HUMANITY, and didn't bother to place any outside bets.

WE are all they created, according to NASA, ESA, JAXA, RSA, you name the Space Conspiracy Organization...

Let's call them the SCORGS...

They are under ORDERS not to tell us the TRUTH, and you can't really blame them. They have to eat, too....

We are needed to WORK, folks. Simply THAT, nothing more.

Just like the BATTERIES in The Matrix.

The HORROR is that there is NOTHING left for MANKIND to do. It has all been done before, beyond our wildest DREAMS of technocracy....

There are races out there that can trace their family lines back 30,000 years.....

It is not in the current PLAN for Mankind to discover that we are not alone, though the skies are filled with more and more UFOS as time goes by.

The ALIENS are making themselves known, since mankind at large has not seemed to have gotten the news that they EXIST, and are more REAL and ESTABLISHED than the Human Race.......

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