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Man, would it be SOMETHING to get to talk to these people!

I don't think they want to EAT us or mean us any harm, whatsoever, or we would never have made it to the age of NINTENDO.

When I was a kid, they used to make prognostications on television and in the newspapers and magazines about the threat of JAPAN, that in the future our kids would be playing with Japanese TOYS and using Japanese words....

It came TRUE....

It is still true....

The point is, we usually have some indication about what the FUTURE holds for us.

What is the current prediction for America and the world? WAR with China? North Korea? Iran?

Just like when we fought RUSSIA, as Greg Giraldo once said....


These are all countries with NUCLEAR capabilities. It will NOT be allowed.

And IRAN has every right in the world to go NUCLEAR if they want to. All the Big Kids get to play in the sandbox...

We only think WAR when we think of the future of Earth, and that is some sad SHIT....

We should be thinking about the STARS, the HEAVENS....

If we thought for a SECOND that there were aliens out there that might assist us, then the RICH of this world are DOOMED.

What if Aliens came to Earth and sold FLYING VEHICLES for the equivalent of $200.00?

Something that small would change life on Earth dramatically and FOREVER....

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