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Absolute PROOF of LIFE on the MOON was discovered by the SOVIETS first.

It is WHY they never landed a person on the Moon...

It is WHY they FAKED Yuri Gagarin's famous first flight...

If you think about it, how many men have gone into space and landed back on EARTH, in a remote FIELD, far away from all possible witnesses?

NASA did not perfect Earth landings until the Space Shuttle...

The second Soviet attempt ended in DISASTER. YURI refused to go up again, so his best friend, VLADIMIR KOMAROV, inherited the job.

He went up in a better, more modern version of Yuri's craft and came crashing down to Earth at six times the speed of SOUND, screaming in rage and cursing his LEADERS to the grave...

Gagarin NEVER went up.

He told his DAUGHTER so....

He became a DRUNK and died one....

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