For Deep Purple.

How many of you have read the ATROCITY of Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitarists or whatever they call that travesty.

I read it in the BATHROOM while unloading, and it was the right place and time to experience the SHAME of it!

PRINCE better than THE EDGE?

No Ronnie Montrose?

No Joe Satriani?

No mention of TODD RUNDGREN, a guitarist so great that Eric Clapton gave him his favorite guitar as a TRIBUTE?

Nameless punks from NOWADAYS, listed over the names of the GREATS like Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf....

It is DISGUSTING and worse, it is absolutely WRONG on most points...

A cryin' SHAME.

It is why I never read Rolling Stone.

How did I get this issue?

I TOLD you.

I found it in a bathroom.

Good thing there was an abundance of TISSUE....

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