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Ufo Witness Germany

Ufo Witness Germany

  • Uploaded by Reversec on Jan 15, 2012
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This is a photo of an alleged extraterrestrial vehicle. The guy who took the photo came up with his story (even in TV) in the 90s and claimed some other human looking beings told him, humankind is in big danger, because of using nuclear power and we would destroy ourselfes with nuclear weapons. The man claimed too, that he flew with this Spaceship to Mars and Venus and other planets in our Solar System. According to his statements, he saw lots of green and beautiful landscapes on venus and some smaller and bigger cities . He said that humans also life on Moon and Mars. Nearly every planet in our Solarsystem is inhabited. He stated, too that the Extraterrestrials who took him for a ride had long blonnd hair and blue eyes and were very friendly .

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