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Moon Aliens.....People UNKNOWN, far more intelligent and powerful than we are, a mere 15 hours away or LESS with the current improvements in Rocket Tech on Earth...

Mere MINUTES away by Lunar Technology...

I am all for MANKIND, but our leaders are doing us all a great dis-service by keeping everything they know hidden...

I guess the game is ultimate control over Human Destiny....

WHO controls the future of MAN?

MAN himself?

Or are there other Agents of Destiny involved?

Something is brewing. We haven't just sat on our keisters since discovering that there are others.

Who knows, truly, what that knowledge might DO to the mind of the common man?

If the WORKER freaks out, then all is lost for the WEALTHY....

I believe that Aliens or the very knowledge that they exist will control our future, just as they influenced and controlled our PAST....

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