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This is the Costa Concordia where it ran aground near Tuscany in Italy....

There are at least 12 dead at this hour, a woman's body was pulled from the wreckage just hours ago....

There are at least 24 missing people at this time.

A huge boulder can be seen jutting up from the overturned hull of the stricken vessel....

The wreck of the Costa Concordia is one of the worst Cruise Ship disasters in history, and there are outcries for greater oversight of Cruise Ship Safety Procedures and Preparedness as, once again, there were NOT enough lifeboats aboard to accommodate all passengers in an event of this magnitude.

There are SEVERAL tales of heroic sacrifice and damnable COWARDICE.....

There are also conflicting tales concerning the actions of the Captain and Crew of the sinking vessel.

Witnesses are saying that they immediately disembarked and left the passengers to fend for themselves...

Was an over-reliance on Computer Navigation the cause?

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