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MINORITY REPORT:  Pre-Crime arrives

MINORITY REPORT: Pre-Crime arrives

In East Orange, New Jersey, it is now possible to get arrested BEFORE you actually commit a crime.

They are installing red STOP LIGHTS that are actually SPOTLIGHTS that can cast their eerie glow for over over a BLOCK, focusing on any SUSPICIOUS person or activity.

There are police cameras posted all over East Orange. If an attending officer spots what he or she assumes is suspicious activity, the red light is activated, pinpointing YOU and your movements while officers are being routed to your location.

Great idea, should it work as intended.

William Robinson, Police Chief of East Orange, feels that these are the most positive advances in police work in years. He cites the fact that there are police cameras on nearly every corner in LONDON, U.K., so why not here? Crime is finally being brought under control in his city, due to advances of these types in modern police work.

The PEOPLE of East Orange remained unconvinced. They are certain that crime has been brought under control by THEIR efforts, new policing technology had little to do with it.

East Orange Citizens Activity Committees and Neighborhood Watch programs, they feel, have turned the tide, not placing more technology into the hands of the police department.

Notice the LIGHTS on the police cruiser there at bottom right in the photo?

It is a LICENSE PLATE READER that instantly transmits a photo and driving history of the person that the vehicle is registered to. So, in the very near future, all over the world, you will NOW be pulled over for NOT appearing to be the registered owner of the vehicle you are driving...

Drive your FRIENDS or DAD'S car, you just may be arrested...

We will soon have NO RIGHTS at all, folks...

But, it is as I have always said.

MOST police work nowadays involves VEHICLES and DRIVERS.

Stay out of a CAR, and you have a better chance getting home at night...

Just watch COPS on television...

The TRAFFIC STOP always leads to FAR more trouble....

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