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18th Dynasty PHARAOH....


The common racist argument there, in essence, is that the Black Mind could NEVER have comprehended and constructed the WONDERS of ancient Egypt...

According to the racists, there were no Black Kings, Pharaohs, Princes, Princesses, in fact, they believe that Egypt possessed NUBIAN SLAVES, no more....

"Egypt was not a Black Culture", they argue, like they were THERE...

Well, THUTMOSES III is the BLACKEST-looking WHITE MAN that I have ever since, exceptin' Vanilla Ice....


Was HE the real MOSES, or just the older Half-Brother to MOSES?

Was his MOTHER also his older SISTER?

His mother was PHARAOH, not QUEEN...

She dressed full-time as a MAN, even wore that clever Egyptian Beard-Merkin thing....

What's a MERKIN?

Women at the court of the KINGS of France rarely washed their privates.

So, they were constantly bedeviled by LICE.

So, they would shave off their PUBES.

And wear FALSE, v-shaped hair patches instead.

THOSE were called "MERKINS", I believe...

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