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Humans do only one thing well:

That is what NASA truly is, a SPY agency that keeps track of our Alien Neighbors...

They are far older, far more powerful than we, so we disguise our intentions with INEPT looking probes that look as though they are composed of GOLD tinfoil....

DISINFO, to hide what we feel is our true sophistication....

That is why our ROVERS look like college experiments in robotics...

They are never sleek, never sophisticated....

NEVER advanced looking...

Don't you find it FUNNY that NASA abandons space explorations, hands our safety over to the RUSSIANS, and the Russians have done nothing but falter every step of the way since...?

It is all part of the same thing:

Convince the aliens that we are totally INEPT at this space business..

WHY have we never trained HUBBLE onto a planet for a 24 hour period to search for MOVEMENT, LIFE?

What good is HUBBLE? Who cares about cataloguing gaseous anomalies 20 billion parsecs away?

NASA is merely a spy agency.

It is for the best, I suppose...

Same can be said for S.E.T.I.

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