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I love dogs. Had 'em all my life.

Some of my best friends in this life, I SWEAR to you, have been dogs.

A News Anchor named Kyle Dyer at NBC affiliate KUSA in Denver, Colorado, was bitten in the FACE by a dog that was rescued from certain, freezing death just the day before.....

GLADIATOR MAXIMUS is an Argentine Mastiff. He weighs 85 lbs. His JAWS gape wider than the Jaws of Life.

People whom have encountered Gladiator Maximus and his owner, as they take their daily strolls about the harbor give them a WIDE berth, citing what appears to be a firm lack of control on the owners part.

The DOG always seemed to be in charge.

It was a typical segment, rescued dog, praised rescuer, grateful owner...

The News Anchor was kissing and lavishing PRAISE on the dog, as you are supposed to do with such a large beast, (I suppose, I don't kiss dogs on the MOUTH, myself) when it suddenly STRUCK.

IT took the woman's bottom LIP off.

Yet, Dog Lovers around the world are blaming the Anchor for MAKING the dog bite her. They claim there were WARNING SIGNS. That the dog was CLEARLY warning her that he was about to bite.

I say BULLSHIT. That dog struck at the LAST possible second, with only a momentary flash of something being amiss. The Anchor had NO TIME to pull back, even if she did see it.

That damn dog is a MENACE.

Bad Training, lack of real LOVE, trained to be aggressive by a weak JERK of an owner.

The owners of dogs like this are usually terrified, bluffing cowards, anyway, in my experience...

I have owned dogs LARGER than 'ol Maximus there.

TOUGHER than Maximus.

I have NEVER owned a dog that would bite someone in the face.


I have had dogs of ALL kinds, all sizes, mutts to well-bred....

We were given a beautiful Russian Wolfhound when my daughter was just a baby; a nervous, skittish creature around 8 years old. I never trusted her, she was so touchy....

The next day, my daughter waddled over to hug her, and at the last second, I just knew to grab that dog. JUST as it lunged for my daughter's FACE. It's teeth SNAPPED just in front of her eyes. If I hadn't been holding her back, she would have bitten my daughter in the EYES....

I got rid of her IMMEDIATELY, I mean within SECONDS....

There was an old couple I knew that lived alone, so I explained everything and gave her to them. They had her several years....

Point is, you don't make excuses for a dog like that.

You get RID of them....

The News Anchor did not make a single wrong or threatening move....

I blame the DOG, the one that did the BITING.

Just like I blame the OWNER of any aggressive or abused animal.

And, try as you might, you just can't get rid of the OWNER....

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